The Reflectory offers a wide range
of Reflectors for

  • •  Photoelectric Controls
  • •  Industrial and Traffic Safety
  • •  Promotional Giveaways
  • •  Consumer Use for Visibility In The Dark
  • •  We provide reflectors to the Safe Kids Worldwide
  • •  & Safe Routes to Schools National Programs

Pride Flag Reflective Zipper Pulls

Back Packs
Book Bags

Anywhere there is a zipper pull
– you can reflectorize it!

Pride Flag Reflective Zipper Pulls
1-3 pieces = $2.00
4-9 pieces = $1.75
10-24 pieces = $1.50
25-49 pieces = $1.25
50+ pieces = $100

Extremely brilliant white reflective material is precision coated 6 times with transparent colored inks to provide the true color reproduction of the PRIDE FLAG. Each color reflects perfectly and the entre tag makes beautiful decoration for your zipper pulls - Night and Day!

NHTSA (NATIONAL HIGHWAY TRANSPORTATION SAFETY AGENCY) reports that 69% of pedestrian accidents occur in the dark. Using a reflective tag helps make the wearer visible up to 500 feet away from the vehicle’s headlights, giving the driver plenty of time to avoid contact. This reflector tag will make the wearer visible at dawn, dusk and in the dark, and remain an attractive daytime decoration, wherever used. Ideal party favor, or simple gifts to friends and relations.

Why be visible in the dark?

Be Safer - Be Seen in the Dark